3000GT Spyders
Refurbished Header Latches
for the Mitsubishi 3000gt Spyder

Important information:

After making your Refurbished Header Latch purchase you need to send us your broken header latch.

Now you have two choices:

1) We can send you a Refurbished Header Latch, if in stock. (Shipped upon receipt of your header latch)

2) We can refurbish your header latch. (2-4 week turnaround)

You can call or text Frank at 856-304-7661 to check on availability.
Header Latches Left & Right (Pair)

3000gt Spyder Header Latch REC153AXX
Header Latch Left (Driver Side)

3000gt Spyder Header Latch REC152AXX
Header Latch Right (Passenger Side)

Spyder Header Latch REC152AXX & REC153AXX

If your retractable hard top is rattling it may be because of your header latches. Pull the header panel cover and check for pieces of black plastic. The problem with the original header latches is they are metal encased in plastic which is fine for the first 10 to 15 years but now that these cars are reaching 20 years old the brittle plastic is cracking and falling off.

The Bad News:
A Mitsubishi dealer will tell you the part list for $532.88 and the best price we could find was $415.65 each at Cherry Hill Triplex Mitsubishi Parts. More bad news is only the left side header latches are available and they are starting to crack from age. The right side header latches are sold out never to be restocked.

The Good News:
We can refurbish the header latches by injecting steel-filled epoxy into a mold made from a brand new header latch. Our Refurbished Header Latches are better than new and guaranteed not to break. Lifetime warranty with free replacement.

All Refurbished Header Latches are tested before shipping.