3000GT Spyders
A 3000gt Spyder HomeLink Transmitter
that will open your garage door!
(HomeLink with Rolling Codes)

Spyder Replica HomeLink Transmitter
HomeLink TRANSMITTER (Black)

Spyder HomeLink Circuit Board with Rolling Codes

HomeLink Programming Instructions
Garage Door Opener
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You may have noticed that you can’t program your 3000GT Spyder HomeLink transmitter to work with your garage door opener. That is because garage door openers with rolling codes were introduced in 1998 and your 1995 or 1996 Spyder HomeLink transmitter does not work with rolling codes.

We have developed a HomeLink circuit board with rolling codes, that fits into the 3000gt Spyder HomeLink transmitter, replacing the stock circuit board. You can purchase the circuit board itself or the replica transmitter with circuit board already installed.