3000GT Spyders
Replacement Quarter Window Seals
for the Mitsubishi 3000gt Spyder

Important information:

Seals are shipped flat and have bendable metal inserts.

Prior to installing the seal into the rails, gently shape the seal to match the curve of the quarter window. You can do this easily with your hands.

Failure to shape the seals before installation will cause them to slip out of the quarter window rails while operating the retractable hardtop.

Replacement Quarter Window Seals (Pair)

Installation Video

by Diamond Star Media

3000gt Spyder ASC Quarter Window Seals
Mitsubishi 3000gt Spyder Replacement ASC Quarter Window Seals Installed

Replacement Quarter Window Seal for a 3000gt Spyder. Guaranteed not to leak if your quarter windows are adjusted correctly. Some Quarter window seals don't touch the door glass and need to be adjusted.

They have metal inserts, if not cared for properly the rubber can crack and inserts will rust. Would recommend removing and inspecting them every 6 months. Recently switched to another brand that makes better quality products.